Actress Rekha Rana is all set to launch Rekha Rana Couture

Actress Rekha Rana who was recently spotted as the show stopper for Libaz label is all set to launch her fashion label called Rekha Rana Couture a limited edition clothing brand.

The Rekha Rana Couture will be launching on 1st Nov 2019 and it will be a Limited Edition clothing brand with western clothing.

When asked Rekha about her new couture she said “Fashion is about something that comes from within and when I travel  all over the world I’m exposed to variety of collection which truly inspires me so from that I decided that I want to launch my couture. I was planning it since so long and I’m really excited that it is finally happening.”
Rekha was also spotted celebrating her new venture with close friends Rachel Waters, Evelyn Sharma, Nimisha Sara Philip, Nibhedita, Deena Northcorte, and many more at hotel Sahara star over the weekend.

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