Rohit Verma as the showstopper designer at LA India Fashion Week

LA India Fashion Week was initiated with the primary goal of promoting Indian fashion in the western grounds and summoned with Renowned Indian fashion designer Rohit Verma as the showstopper designer.

Smita Vasant who was the Organizer and Promoter for La India fashion week along with Rohit Verma presented the last sequence called grand finale a standing ovation awarded to designer Rohit Verma at the end of his finale show.

Celebrity Indian designer Rohit Verma who was seen as himself, in the Blockbuster movie ‘Fashion’ by Madhur Bhandarkar and is also known for popular shows like ‘Style Strip’ and ‘Big Boss’ and  says, ” This collection was all about blending the classic with the contemporary and the antique with the innovative this collection is a reflection of elegance yet has its roots with Indian classics.”

Coming back to the collection, the effort and richness of inspiration and innovation was evident in the variety of motifs and embroidery that he had presented on the numerous ensembles in the collection.

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