Make a style statement post 40

Grey hair, little wrinkles on the face is the symbol of maturity and not old age. Women in their 40’s have become independent financially as well as emotionally. And hence they prefer to wear what they like and suites them the best. Women in this age group walk with confidence that they have got from experience. Their dressing style shows more about their trust in themselves.  The view of wrinkles is changing is changing now; people look at it as a sign of maturity. For all these women Studio CASA 9 has come up with an exclusive collection.

“As it is rightly said that 40’s is the new 20’s. You’ll find that your horizons have become even broader in this next decade.  I believe that this is the age where you look your best as you have crossed the 20’s and moving on to being mature. This is the age where you want to show your personal style. It is the time when you take a decisive call on what you associate with your personality the best. And for all these women, we at Casa 9 help you look more confident as well as beautiful”, said Benita Vira Sahani, Co-Founder and designer of Studio CASA 9.

Dressing younger only serves to highlight your advancing years, when you’re in your forties, you’re not frightened to take a risk and hence you enjoy what you wear. Slim fit pants with tunics look to make you look confident as well as long kurties is also a good option to go for. In fact, known to be a textile hub, India has created its image world over for providing the best designs. The women all over the world are known to be inspired by the latest Bollywood and Hollywood fashion. Women of all ages follow fashion; most of them get the inspiration from actresses like Karishma Kapoor, Kajol Devgan, Malaika Arora, Madhuri Dixit as well as Hollywood actresses like Jennifer Aniston from friends, Jennifer Lopez etc.

Benita Vira Sahani concluded aptly that, “Be happy from inside, dress for happiness, this will help you increase your confidence as well as look more beautiful from inside and outside both.  Clothing creates your first impressions and hence wearing right always will help you grow and be positive. Women in this age are wealthier; they are also healthier and have more time to spend their money and ready to spend to themselves.”

Worldwide majority of women want to look good, regardless of age. And hence fashion is becoming more about universally wearable. Women over the age of 40 most of the time want to feel and look sophisticated, not trendy. These women are ready to adjust themselves to the new styles. Most of the ladies in this age want to feel relevant and get a look that will make you full. The fashion needs of older women are different and they need more mature looks that their clothes can show. Most of the women in this age group want to dress and look natural.

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