Designer Archana Kochhar showcases her new collection “Warli” at New York Fashion Week

Ace Indian Designer Archana Kochhar showcased the rural art of India in New York City as a part of New York Fashion Week with her collection, “Warli”. Taking inspiration from the unique primal stick figure art of the Warli tribes, Archana’s new collection is a part of the “Make in India” campaign initiated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Supporting and promoting the concept of “global disability inclusion”, renowned model Kiara M walked for Designer Archana Kochhar with a prosthetic leg, setting an example for everyone that disability doesn’t need to hold you back.

“I am thrilled and excited to be showcasing “warli” one of the most finest art of India, on a global platform such as the New York Fashion Week SS19. Warli is a style of tribal art, which originated in Maharashtra. This art form is thought to date back as early as the 10th Century A.D. Now a dying art, there is an urgent need for preserving this traditional knowledge across the globe. Taking an entire collection inspired by Warli on global platform will help creating awareness and attention towards it”, shared Designer Archana Kochhar. “I strongly believe in the cause of Disability inclusion and feel platforms like fashion weeks are perfect to promote this cause and create awareness about it”, she further added.

“Warli” the new collection designed by Archana Kochhar is a thoughtful creation that imparts the intricate detail of warli painting, which depicts the story of their lives. The color palette of this collection is black and white, with intricate hand painted warli stick figure detailing done by the warli tribe painters, which runs through each garment. The new line is a foci of contemporary silhouettes fused with a glimpse of Indian conventional cuts to bring forward the concept of the east meets the west. The silhouettes comprises of gowns with detailing like frills, trails and capes, flared bellbottoms with structured jacket tops, bodycon dresses with capes, flared skirts and dresses. The collection is a stylish expression of comfort and creativity imbibed in one, perfect for the global citizens.

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