Update your fashion with Horra’s fresh, lively collection

The time is right to upgrade your accessories and make a style statement with the Horra Sophia handbag, a chic, dapper handbag for the elegant working woman. Crack the style code easily with this sophisticated bag: wear it with a sleek pencil shirt and wow the onlookers.

You have the perfect outfit for that ‘after-hours’ party and Horra’s nifty Sling Bag is the perfect accessory to accompany you on a fun night out! You will love the golden print and spacious interiors: sheer style meets crafty “interior design’.

You will stand out for the touch of class that Horra’s uniquely-crafted Bowler Bag bestows on you. Carry your essentials with ease; love the textured material that spells luxury.

The Horra Vertical Tote is a smart pick with a ‘shape update’ for a chic, glamorous you. Whether on an official trip or a casual weekend outing, you will appreciate the spacious interiors and the attractive design!

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